Happy Winter Solstice Festival

I totally emo'ed yesterday! Okay, I know in the end people would tell me that it isn't that big of a deal but seriously, asked me why I emo'ed I probably won't know how to answer. haha

I think it was because I thought I screwed up(well I kinda did) right from the beginning and the fact that I had to get it right the first time cuz there wasn't any backup. T_T the feeling stayed even though after that we came to a conclusion that it wasn't my faul.t

I bet what's going through your mind is, " what the hell is this girl talking about?! "


Yesterday, after leaving Emily's house, my mum asked me to make the dumplings when I got home. So I went home, I didn't start until it was around 6.30pm. So I was kind of nervous because it's my first time. So I took the flour, on the packet it says pulut. Glutinous rice flour, well that should be right! It smelled right. haha

So then I started adding the water and mixing, I felt relieved because it started forming into a dough form, and I was thinking wow, it's going right..


aih..I thought I added too much water because then it became REALLY sticky so I called my mum to ask. She said to add tapioca flour. So I did, then it got better but after that it got sticky again! argh.. I was thinking, "please don't screw this up (x 100 times)"

see! even the dough colour WAS OUT! It was suppose to be PURE white. Like the flour you see. One thing after another, I decided to just split it and add colour, but I forgot that you only need a few drops to make the dough pink/red enough. I added almost a tea spoon full! I think I was thinking of making red eggs instead of dumplings.

RED right?! My mum did buy some pre-made dough. But it was really little, and I added it to the one that I made. Texture was so different, the one I made was really coarse where as the pre-made one was really fine. But the pre-made dough, colour pretty much sucks cuz the people in the market super kiam siap. Can't even tell that it is pink.

Anyway, now I realised they were both different type of dough because I was trying to knead them together but failed.

Called mum again but she went for her class already, so had to wait for her to come back.

Mum came back, checked and say yeah. Something is not right. The texture too coarse etc etc.. I started to feel even worse and started to emo a little. She tried cooking a dumpling or two just to see if its okay or edible. I tried one and it was horrible. Gagged

So we went out to see if any shops were still opened. Sadly none cuz it was closed to 11pm. So, yeah, emo'ed. Luckily this morning, market near my home did sell and they were less kiam siap with the dye too! The pink is really nice!

Such a relief!~ haha.

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