wahhh! Have not blogged for so long! I've been really busy, tired and frustrated, well actually my whole class has been feeling like that.

Have loads of issues with our lecturer. We're still facing those issues. We're stressed out but we're not doing anything progressive. So what do we do? We focus on other subjects and we go out and have fun. I watched 2 movies yesterday!

First movie, Astro Boy, watched with the whole class and the second movie watched with Peggy, Yee Ann, Kai Yuan and Mr Mazlan..woottt

haha. I prefer Christmas Carol in 3D! Although got some part where I don't understand what are they talking about but the effects are amazing!!! 3D movie rocks. Haha yes, this jakun over here typing has not watched a 3D movie before until yesterday! =)

Worth every ringgit!

On Sat we went to 4Belas, MSID event held at Saito College. Our furniture competition, lead by our lecturer totally ruined us till the very last minute. I'm proud of my teammates for hanging on till the last second and in succeeded in building something that was not ours. *high five!*

Had fun over there. MIA won the bunting competition and the lighting competition! GO MIA!!! we know the judging wasn't fair. But oh well.. =)

Totally exhausted. Reached college around midnight, then go makan with Mr Mazlan, Pearl and Jah.
Lady Seniors! Sem 5 =)

Another seniorrr hehe Sheryinn and I

Teammates for furniture competition!



These were taken before going there. The bus was so late! We reached abt 7 and the bus came an hour late. @.@

On Sunday, woke up, had breakfast with the ladies. haha Jah and Pearl to be exact..and went back to sleep until 4pm!!! SYIOK GILERRRR after that we prepared ourselves for a ladies night out =)

Great weekend. No thanks to that Mr K. Urghh.. Thanks to him, he united our whole class and thanks to him I get to watch movies yesterday!

I hope things will get better. For our sake, for our juniors sake and for MIA's sake.

Nothing much to update until next time. BYE !
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