No Significant Process

I've got to stop avoiding. Face it! Embrace it! Sigh, I'm not feeling progressive. Yesterday was an unlucky day for me.

I sliced my index finger on my left hand, left my clothes at home, drenched in rain, couldn't shower until almost 12 am, no change of shoes, lost my mask. Mood totally ruined. Almost drove back but in the end I didn't, thanks to my friends =) I was literally falling asleep.

I finally got to go home early today. =) I guess everyone one has their Monday blues. Or a bad day~ I'm going to have a good day everyday from today onwards! Jern got me a rose today, so sweet of her. Felt better. =) Simple gestures makes a big difference.

He kept asking me if I could do it. I asked why, he answered cuz I didn't show significant progress. =(

It's true, I've been avoiding. I don't know why am I doing that cuz last semester I wasn't like that, second half of last semester I was messed up emotionally. This semester doesn't seem to be going on so well either. But everything seems to be okay.I'm not sure how things are going to turn out but all I know that it's going to get better. =)

Have to stay positive don't I?


with love

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