no..i did not draw this. lolx

Finally there is a direction. I feel connected to what I'm doing again. Although I know it is going to be tough because I'm not very good at it but at least the heart and emotion is there ( I hope it's still there!)

At times like this I really wish that I don't really need to sleep or love to sleep. Gotta be more disciplined and fasst!!

My place now is homierrr.. Just took about almost an hour to just paste it up. No planning, just random stuff. But if I'm gonna move out...then I have to start over again? =( I don't even have time to search for a room. Or rather I used my spare time for other stuff. I'm guilty of that.

Damn, can't help but worry or panic a little.

I have furniture design...for that competition thingy..I have no idea and I haven't start thinking about it.

There is my ID project. @.@ This lecturer means well but he is totally going to a different direction and it is messing our minds up. Not saying what he teach isn't a different manner. But we feel he tends to focus too much on architecture. Major confusion over here but after's quite cleared up.

Another thing would be lighting design..preparing for competition as well because it is part of our assignment..How nice it would be to get chosen! EVOLUTION..everything is EVOLUTION...mine is treeeee.. ^^

Construction drawing.. Facts and technical! Can't bullshit your way out of this one. I haven't finish it yet. @.@ so many info to know!

3D max..I really like our lecturer..she is so cute! smiley face all the time. haha But fast fast fast. Can't really catch up.

Conclusion? I'm complaining. lolx plus slowwww...-____-"
But it's interesting. I really like it. Of course I don't like it when I don't get it. Which is pretty much how I feel almost everyday. I don't get it. Gotta change that energy into a positive energy!

I think what I heard it's true. Who knows. But it has nothing to do with me. So I shall not bother. And on my mind now? odd..odd..oddd..... yup..just odd.

okie dokess..I'm rambling rubbish again. Toodles!
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