lub dup lub dup

It's only ALREADY the 3rd week and what have I accomplish? I think I've accomplished that my eyesight is probably getting worse!

Feels like everything is a mess. I can't even describe how my daily life is like. Life is now all about going to coll, rushing to finish all the work given come home and sleep. Except for some moments of fun...

Concept? Conceptual Model? Space planning?? Present to the director??? 4 Belas event?! It's all great fun...yet scary.

I shouldn't even be writing in this blog right now. haha But I just feel the need to randomly say whats going on in my mind. I can feel that I'm slowly killing myself. Slowly driving myself nuts. If I don't do something about it there is a possibility I might go crazy, so I was told.

I haven't reached the full realisation of letting go. Everyday I'm worried. Everyday I'm scared. What made me become this way? Was I like this since I was young? If I was, but what made it become until this stage? If I wasn't then what on earth happened?

Damn..sounds scary ain't it.

Class ended at 9 yesterday =( it was suppose to end at 6.30. Came home and showered and I slept right through till morning. Now I'm blogging because I don't know what to research for. I do you say? stuck and confused.

I follow too much, I listened too much.. maybe it's time for me to be a little rebellious. Maybe that would help me find my own way..

usual ramblings.


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