Just a short one

Shah Alam actually have many nice buildings. But sadly, we think they don't really know how to use it. For instance, the Library Raja Tun Uda, is really comfortable but so many empty spaces. All the books are really outdated for example the interior design department. @.@

The Museum Sultan Alam Shah is boring and confusing. Can't really tell where are they directing us towards to or what are they trying to show. hmmmm

but oh well.
Nicole, Kai Yuan, Peggy and Yee Ann stayed over. Hehe not bad not bad =) It was really nice to have them over. lolx

I am really loosing the interest to blog.. Sorry! just too busy!

Do I move out? Do I continue staying at home? dilemma! help!! I'm not feeling myself lately. Lots of things on my mind. My reaction towards things happening are not the same as the people around me.

iamweirdbutheckilikebeingweird. ;)

I'm going to get my money back from the concert! Refund!

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