I'm finally done! handed it in today. I'm glad I manage to finish it but I'm not exactly happy with it. I don't think it's good. Lagi sakit hati when I saw someone's work so geng! I think it was Xuan's one or maybe it's Nicole.

Oh well, at least I tried. Ppl are getting back their results and I just handed mine in a few hours ago. -__-

4 days left of pure holidays! I spent 1 week of assessment week for dengue, 1 week of holidays to recover and 2nd week of hols to do my work. now I'm left with 4 days. =)

1st! I have to clear up the mess I made. Serious I have the Midas touch, not turn things into gold but to make it messy. hahaha.

get back to ya soon! will definitely try to blog more from now on!

bye bye!
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