A passing moment in time

I'm back to the old habits again. Coming back home, sleeping and then only waking up. I feel like I'm don't have anytime left to do my work let alone to do things that I like. It gets frustrating again. Back to the days how foundation was. Don't mind much about the driving, I just get so tired. I need time management classes! Or I just need to be more discipline.

I'm asleep when everyone is back and I'm awake when everyone is asleep. I really get so tired, sometimes I think it's unfair. But it comforts me the fact that I get to go back home everyday. That's my comfort and sanity. Reading Aurea's blog kinda makes me feel better. Reading what she posted up about the sleeping habits, and also knowing that many people are like that too. But I feel bad because I feel like I have not given any effort or it doesn't seem like I like it or am passionate about it.


Seriously, what's going on?! The fine line between doing this because I like it and being a responsible student and doing my homework seem to have disappeared. Blame it on our education system that we were brought up with.

I have my Friday's off but apparently we're being forced to come to class.

@.@ I've even been having dreams. I remember pieces from college and home. What a nightmare. lolx


I see how things are now. I don't know what is this I am feeling. I'm feeling great and then I'm feeling alone. I just keep telling myself that this is just a passing moment. A passing moment where after this I know that I will be somewhere I am truly meant to be. I keep telling myself, I know in the end it will be all worth it. This is the price I have to pay or the obstacles I have to overcome to be in a place where I know I can. Damn, to be honest I'm not that good. It's totally different now.

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