Have I grown out of my dorkiness?

Sometimes I think I have not. Have you? oh wait...maybe you weren't dorky when you were younger.

at the Store. After SPM was it? I remember mixing up some weird ice cream concoction. lolx

haha I saw Justin uploaded some of the pics too. Thanks to Shu Fen for uploading them. I forgot some of these pictures were actually taken!

5 sc 3~
At that time everything little thing is like a big thing for us. We always say we don't have enough time..well at least I say that. But yet, we have time to nap, watch TV, go for walks and movies. Ahhh those were the blissful days. Look at us now, rushing all the time, no time for ourselves, holidays are like hitting the jackpot. We even have time to read our favourite books! I still remember being called crazy for reading Harry Potter book in 1 day! Either the 6th or thr 7th one.
Now? I can't even complete one book. =(

ahh..memories...class line, prefect duties etc etc

Class photo!


Egg throw competition!!!

hahaha I just had to put this up. ^^ Iain.

posers~ lolx

see no evil.rape no evil.say no evil.hear no evil

Pn Zetty

sean.shufen and justin with his signature pose

I had no eye bags then! It was non-existent! Yes, I'm vain too. =) Look at sean smiling. I miss the camps I used to go. Every year there is definitely a camp that I would go to that actually tortures us. =)
I also miss the marching practices, being a paramedic, being a prefect. Hahaha, funnily enough, I have to admit..I enjoyed being one. I had been in primary school and in secondary I wanted to be one. Makes me feel I can do more and be more responsible. I also miss art classes in school. I miss seeing how my classmates used 4 periods of PJK just to get on Pn Kow's nerves and skip her class.
okay...right now I'm facing an *awkward silence* I don't know what to write! haha I'll leave it off here.

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