Thats the word for the day! GUGGENHEIM!

That is what we have to search for. Had my first day of class of semester 4. I actually had no idea if I made it to sem 4 or not. My results seem to got lost in the mail and bla bla bla procedures that needs to be done. @.@

Been really snappy and agitated the last few days. Don't know why, pms probably. Last 4 days of my holidays were great! Skating and shopping was great!

College was good today, due to the fact that it was a short day!

This is me if I have extremely blond and long hair

Lala'fied? 2 people confirm that I would look seafood if I ever do that. Oh yeah, I have a secret crush on pikachu! so does jah.. We just couldn't resist that oversize mass of adorable'ness.

I went off from college and I head straight to MV for a date.. a date with the awesome me. haha. nah...But I really did go to Mid Valley. Yesh, all on my own and surprisingly it didn't feel as awkward as it did last time. I felt totally great. Spent around 2 hours there, walked around for a little bit just to find the things that I want.

I have some more pictures but I look extremely fair and freaky. Double "F" freakishly fair. I'm usually the darkest or just tanned and suddenly being fair is really scary. I'm have lack of exposure to sun. Na hah! I can get fair...when I was young I was told it was impossible for me to be fair cuz I'm dark by nature.....@.@

The mess I made while I was doing my final project. It's a lot cleaner and neater now. =) I think I have officially lost interest in blogging. *NO!!!!!*
The only thing I wanted to say is that I went to Mid Valley alone and I feel proud of myself cuz I had a good time and felt totally comfortable. haha
that's all!
tata =)
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