Don't you just get mad sometimes?

Just because it's small and to everyone it looks insignificant or even scary doesn't mean it is not worth looking at it again. It is beautiful, you have to know where to look.

Beautiful colours..
Before you go on reading I would like to apologize in advance if what you're going to read might make you feel uncomfortable.

Geez, I'm so pissed! SO childish and I'm feeling stupid that it is affecting me. Bloody hell. It's not even a solid reason or reasons for that matter. It's just STUPIDITY! effing hell.

Piss off and get your own life instead of messing with mine. If you want me out so badly then just quit it. I'm already out but it's you who can't freaking let go because you get to have your satisfaction in such a cheap manner.
What more do you want? I'm starting to think that it is something else that you want. It made more sense. Well if you want it so badly then you can have it. Whoever said that anyone was fighting over it with you?
So freaking messed up. Bad things happen is to make people realise about the good things happening. Lucky you, you get to be the bad one. It's because of you that everything surrounding you get to see the good side of things.

Good for ya! Kudos to that!

Don't say that I am a bitch because I definitely have not showed my bitchiness yet. Just because I don't dress like that, I don't talk like that, I don't behave like that does not mean I have the problem. Look at the mirror, carefully this time. It might do you some good.
Yes, I'm pissed and feeling really mean. Even so, I don't do things as what you have done.

I really want to get away from it and I am capable do making that decision. But I won't give you the satisfaction that you need. The satisfaction that you crave for. For what you've done this is the least I could do.

I'm going to show you that.
Bitchy enough? For what I know nobody deserve any of this shit that you've been giving out to me.

got that of my chest..can breathe a little easier now. =) thanks for reading.
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