Bitten by the bitter bug

I'm moody

for now

cliche' and lame as it sounds but I think it's because of raging hormones.

yes, hormones

girl's best friend

I think I hurt people's feelings and annoy others with my mood swings. I really can't help it. Well maybe I can if I would just shut up and not talk or listen.


yeaps. Any crash course available? =P

I didn't do anything yesterday. oh well =) weekends are always the bestest bestest days of the week!

I got a call from Pearl yesterday, she bought the book at a freaking good price. I nearly cried ! no joke. Plus being the emo state I was, I probably didn't give a good response. =(

feels bad for being petty.
I'm sorry. >_<


and it's just the first week.

Me thinks they are right. I would go crazy sooner than I thought unless I start to chill.


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