On Monday I had a fever of 39.4 degrees celcius.

Felt like my brain was going to get fried. haha. My parents wanted to bring to me to the hospital but I was reluctant cuz I was thinking like..geee its just a fever..bring me to clinic then can already lar..but luckily they insisted on hospital. My dad fetched me, we almost turned back to cuz you know, sometimes you drive all the way to the hospital and they just give you a bunch of panadol and a very very very satisfying bill.

The doctor asked me to take blood test and a throat swab. One is to check for dengue and the other is to check for H1N1.

Ther first 2 days was literally hell. Then after the second blood test, my blood platelets dropped and I got admitted to hospital.

see that red part there. that is my blood. Dengue infected blood.


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