Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

I am really looking forward for the holidays like my life depends on it. I can't seem to concentrate on my work and I'm wondering if I could complete it in time this time. Whatever happens, happens. It's just one of those things you know that just didn't seem to go well. It's been a very hectic semester I have to say. Probably almost life changing! nah...

It's been tough. But heck, what can I say or do. But I do have to be grateful for the people around me. Family and not to forget friends who helped. Thanks for being there, haha helped me feel like the world isn't so bad after all! I'm not giving up on life yet!!!

work work work..assignment assignment assignment...deadline deadline deadline..

geezzz...I'm ready to accept that for the first time I won't make it in time for this deadline. wait for a sec...I don't think I'm that ready but I have to be.

I've got a whole list of things for me to do during the holidays! =)

I've got to psycho myself!!

Do It

Do It

Do It!

Don't Give Up Just Yet.

I know I can. I know I can...

"imaginary injection of some motivation and positivity!*

My love for it is still there. I know it's there because if it wasn't I would be totally hatin' it this moment now. I wouldn't even want to look at it. But right now the screen is blurred by all these mist and fog, grease and dust on the glass. SOME ONE GET ME SOME RAINAX JUST WIPE THE GREASE OF CLEAN SO I CAN SEE! I need to see and feel my love for it. haha are you feeling it?

Jah! all the best for her presentation =)

Before this I wondered why the hell do I have to go through this.. The heart I put in to the things I do. The outcome shouldn't be like this should it? I want to feel something more than this because I know there is such feeling that exist. Something beyond all this crappiness. Nobody deserves this kind of feeling. Really, nobody!

1/2 of me wants to take that road less traveled by. The other 1/2 just say I should just hang on and know that at the end of it all, I would be standing with my head held up high.

I like this photo of them.

But whatever the decision is, I have to know and I have to believe that I can. Simple as that.

till next time. Probably after my submission day! =)

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