Whats done is done.

What's done is done, thats for sure. I will never go back to that again. Like I said before, great experience. Priceless infact. So a big thanks! A real honest thanks~

Anyway, enough about it, it's tiresome to repeat. Let's just get on with our lives happily.

Happy 52nd Independance Day for Malaysia!

I finally manage to get my msn back! Yay! =)

I finally know why I am feeling so tired this days. Dang! Talk about bad timing. Geez

I'm planning on making something but I really really hope I have to time to do it! I feel like I have to!!!

I've finally shifted out of the condo I was staying. All cleared now except for the wardrobe. It still could be used! While I was packing, some memories flooded through my mind. Although not as dramatic as the ones we watch on TV but something like that minus the music.

So back to travelling back and forth. Cheers to that. *sarcasm injected*

Have a great day ahead! much loves!
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