Life goes on

3 weeks left!!! 3 weeks left! tell me whats wrong with this figure?!! We're already in our 4 week. @.@

Schools are having a 1 week holiday! So niceeee.. I wish we have holidays too. Nvm, ours is coming in about 3 weeks time. lolx!

I didn't go back to the condo today. I just felt like coming home. I had a feeling that I'm coming home today. I mean, I only stayed at home for abt 24 hours. Not enough leh.. After blogging I would start doing my work. I know, I haven't blogged for a long time.. Even the way I blogged kinda changed. I feel like today is a good day! hehe

I have not said that in a very long time. Really, I drove to college and all the way there I saw the sky and it was BEAUTIFUL! so blueeee with clouds that look like cotton candy and mid air there were clouds that were floating so beautifully. *gahhhhh*

Even on the way back home just now there the sky looked great! I took some pictures..but I'm afraid it does not do it any justice. I had to take it using my phone. Plus I was driving..DANGEROUS! I nearly fell asleep also..I had to stop at the R&R to just shut my eyes for a little bit.

ANYWAY, met up with Jia Von before she left for Canada the next day. I already said, by hook or by crook I will see her. It was a mixture of different people. Joseph,WenYao,Eugene,LinShan,Kimberly,Emily and myself. It was good~ good old dirty jokes and laughter. haha

I felt sad that she already left.

=) the girl who calls me crazy..-__-" my eyes!!! oh well, we all have them now, it's like a permanent accessory. ^^V

so many ppl are leaving already! Jvon is on her way there, Wayne is leaving in 2 days time, YeeWen is leaving in a few days, Sean is going overseas next yr and so is Joseph...Shu Fen is already in Aust...whooaaa...
Scattered everywhere.

picture of the sky..the clouds were really pretty...

schools are having 1 week holiday! niceeee....

okie,it's time to go now.


will have better topics to talk about soon.

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