live and let live.

We go through many stages in our lives, some are more sensitive towards their surroundings or to the "what's going on" in their lives and some are just passing through it. Some are natural born leaders, some are natural born followers and some are just happy just being themselves and going through their lives the way they perceive it through their eyes and thoughts.

For whatever that has happened, for whatever experiences that has been thrown to me for the pass 19 years, ever since I was born to this world, I couldn't be more grateful. No, I may not have gone through real hardship like the times our parents have gone through or the hardship that some of our peers have gone through.But everyone has their hardships in one way or another. Maybe it's something minor, maybe it's something major. Some may be traumatising, who knows? I once heard from someone saying that, we're the ones who are responsible in creating this harsh harsh reality or the real world so we have to suffer and live in it. At this time, I'm already 19, going into my twenties, almost entering adulthood. Well, right now is adolescence lar. =) you would think that everyone would have almost the same level of thought. But no! I was too naive to believe that. But I have to say thanks for the past occurence has made me really see clearly.

Though I have much to learn, but at least I'm learning. I'm learning to accept this things and hopefully it will make me into a stronger person. To be able to stand up for myself and not follow people around. It's sad to say that at this age some people have already started working and started their career, some have children! becoming mummy's and daddy's! and yet there some who still enjoy these antics. To put up a pretty,sweet icing front and after that shoot spears and daggers that could send someone to hell. I'm not angry, I'm still curious but I'm way pass tears and confusion. I'm glad to be able to have provided table talk for some. Go ahead, do what you have to do if it makes you happy. After all, that is all we want right? To be happy. To do the things we do, little things without seeing the outcome or without changing the view and step into other ppl's shoe just to wonder how it feels like. No, just follow, do, and be happy right at that particular moment. Aren't we all like that?

I'm happy too, happy to be able to learn from it, happy that I could get out of it before it gets deeper. The world is only so big, our paths will definitely cross again. I still have a decision to make. Nobody can deter me from that.
The weather is so cool and nice! Nice weather to be sleeping in. =)
have a good day ^^V
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