Keep Moving Forward

the grass is always greener on the other side.

But sometimes it takes you to go to the greener side and realise that your side is as green as ever.

It's never too late.

Sometimes I still wish that I am out of here. I'm not going to run away anymore. Well for now at least.

Keep moving forward..

oh Black Eyed Peas really coming here? If so, I'm going to go no matter what yo'!
I'm a concert virgin *innocent look* haha Yeah.

J.von is leaving on sunday =(

Although we seldom meet or chat anymore...It's really sad to know that a friend/classmate of 5 yrs is going to leave the land of nasi lemak, assam laksa ,char kuey teow for many many months or probably even yrs.

I'm feeling a tad mushy and sad. boo!

But life goes on sad to say. Keep moving forward... By hook or by crook, gonna see you before you leave. =)

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