In thoughts

She felt down again, but right now things are looking a little brighter. At first she thought, what on Earth has she gotten herself into.She felt she has been thrown into another world, out of the comforts of the world she was protected and used to and into this unfamiliar place. She has lost the person she used to be. Strong with her own principles. But as she grew older, these little pieces of "magic" was stripped away... bit by bit. She did not realised this.She thought she got over it and was back to her old self, but the fact was she wasn't, at least not right now.

I guess it's the experience that she went through that somehow brought her down to her weakness and to her lowest. All of that contributed to the loss of the essence of who she was. All she needs to do now is to find back that magic. Get back on track. Now she has to eat her own words and believe it.


Growing up, growing old, everyone is everywhere now. I mean everywhere. How things have change over the past 2 years. Since we were form 5 until now. The choices we make, the experiences we go through. From a classroom, it branches out to medical,business, art, engineering, math, hospitality so on and so forth. Thinking that our future is so unpredictable but yet, what happens to it is based on what we decide to do with it. But then, it makes it predictable doesn't it?

Haha, I don't really get the point I'm trying to make with today's entry. Just a bunch of stuff that went through my mind. Just suddenly spark up a thought when I read my friends blog or when chatting with a friend.

Thinking that what actually defines us, what makes us who we are today, right now. Right now, I just think it's the choices we make.

I was reminded about something I said long ago...which I still remember and surprised by my own words at that age. When we are young and naive, the things we say can sometimes be the truest thing. Just that at that age, we don't realised how true it was.

We can't rely on other people to judge or perceive us in a way... People judge us based on what we portray. We are who we think we are.

I guess thats all for now. It's the holidays, I just left 1 week..haha I wish it was longer. I don't think it is enough. It is never enough. I think to forever have holiday is when we're dead...but then we wouldn't know either.
I want Seremban siew pau...I don't know why..I just like it. haha

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