A great start for hols!

Malaysian Philharmonic Ochestra! Thats the event me and my friends went!

No, it's not for extra curricular activities or projects. It's purely out of interest! hahaha. Aren't we such good youths? =P

Never thought I would be able to go watch an ochestra with my friends. Which is a really good thing.

And it is worth it! Tickets are really affordable for students. Of course you must be present with your student card before purchasing the tickets. Look! the tickets got our name on it! ^^

After history paper, went to have brunch with Annie and Ken, then Su Lee was alone so she accompanied me to go back to Shah Alam! Went back to Shah Alam, tested all my clothes! I could actually easily chose what I wanted to wear but cuz of the HORRIBLE and OBVIOUS tan line on my back..a little bit susah.

In the end, I settled for my prom dress from form 5. hehe

girls had their dinner at Sushi King, guys settled for Subway. We were almost late for the show. hehe the guys actually had to wear coats with their attire.

They rent them for free. Didn't manage to take a picture of them with coats cuz seriously they look good in them even if the size isn't exactly right.

Ochestra was good. The music was good. Really enjoyed it. We decided next time we would go for themed ochestra because we had no idea what were they going to play.We actually just chose the cheapest ticket available and the one that fits our timing the most. hehe

likes this pic a lot.

I like the first half of the show. The musicians were amazing!!! *ga ga*

Conductor was Karen Kamensek, it's interesting to see how she conduct and the violinist, Benjamin Schmid. Wow wow wow, at first it was a little funny to see him play because his actions were kinda funny but after that, it was really nice to watch him. He made us feel like learning the violin. haha

I was actually really tired. I was really sleepy during the second half, maybe thats why I didn't enjoy it as much as the first half. I DIDN'T GET TO NAP DURING THE AFTERNOON. T_T

look at leong's feet! big!
after the performance, we went out and took pictures! haha Finally get to take pictures together. Annie enjoyed it the most I think, cuz most of the pics she looked chubbier than usual. So she's liking it!

pictures aren't in chronological order.

single shots







the view of klcc is so nice!

I really like this picture! haha

All I can say is that, last night was a great way to start the holidays! *cheers!*

The porridge steamboat near Times Square was really good too! yummmm

Tonight we're off to Luppy's place there to have Tom Yam and tmrrow we're going to Genting and also Evonne's place!

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