First Week of the Hols!

one of the best holidays I've ever had in awhile. First was the ochestra, then it was to Genting and right after Genting it was to Ulu Yam, Evonne's hometown.
time really flies when you are having a great time. I don't know what is up with me, I'm always feeling awkward around people. I don't know why. Going to get over that. I have a lot to learn from my friends.

Anyway, I'm back home right now and the laziness has just started kicking in. ;D I'm actually feeling lazy to update about Genting and all that. =P How to update 4 days worth of holidays in a blog post?!

Genting Day 1

The night before we went to Luppy's place there to have dinner. The tomyam shop was closed so we had Korean/Japanese food. I had Japanese food. It was really good. ^^

We went back and I only started packing the morning itself.

Evonne drove us to her home first. At first her mum was suppose to fetch us but her mum was busy so Evonne drove us until the cable there. But the cable car was under service!!! we were thinking like..oh shitt..who brought bad luck. haha

Had a Korean meal, then after that we bought out tickets and started our journey up! Our room was actually free of charge! Thanks to Ken's uncle who works there. hehehe.. Our room is really small but we didn't complain because it's free!!!

Settled down and off we head to the theme park! Bought our tickets, thanks to Annie's cousin's card for Genting. Got some discount. We were worried that there weren't any games to play because it was SO MISTY.

to be honest, I'm terrified of roller coasters and these thriller rides. @.@ but what the heck right? just sit and go for it. After that I got to feel the excitement! we sat the cockscrew abolut 3/4 times?! until it closed. Too bad it wasn't peak period because the theme park closed at 7pm.

Headed off to the food court to have our dinner. At the same time, prepare for Ken's surprise birthday! hehe

Walked around first world, shopped around. Some bought what they wanted =)

It was crazy, surprise Ken with a cake and presents! Should have recorded his expression because he was really shocked! =P it was good fun. The classic face smashed into the cake situation. =)

After all that, Annie and I sent Su Lee back to her room, a long story there. When we came back, we've got a whole set of videos to watch! haha hilarious. In half an hour, so many parodies were made.

Evonne slept earlier, eventually Su Lee joined us and all of us did facial mask. kekeke. I forgotten who was it that scared Evonne. Made her somewhat jumped out of her bed. Eventually we all slept. =)
Although we couldn't watch Ice Age 3, it was good enough. =)
I'm thinking of making an album..just trying to figure out what kind of album. haha
Stay tune for Genting day 2 and Ulu Yam!
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