back to how I usually update my blog. (i think)

I've been telling myself that this would not be one of those boring holidays where when I get back to college I would regret that I did not try to atleast do something productive!

haha plan always backfired. I'm prepared for that but I would like to at least give it a try. I'm working on some plan to make my choice of activities a tad more interesting. One thing I don't get, I'm sure it happens to everyone..and I mean EVERYONE. When the word "holiday" occurs our body and mind just naturally sleeps into LAZY mode. why? WHY?? WHY???

Usually I don't wake up late, I'm always waking up early but for the past 4 days that I've been home, I've been waking up almost noon!!! I missed out half a day. WOOOTTT..I'm going to stay up to balance the time between me being awake and me being in fantasy dreamland.

Like today for instance, I woke up at 12 pm. I know that is a normal thing for most people, but not really for me. Am I replenishing all my lost sleep from my last half semester?

Anyway, I always forget how spontaneous my can mum get. I usually just go along with it even though at that moment I might get irritated. But I like it, because she makes me feel that its good to break off from our mudane everyday routine. It was already planned that we're going to watch Transformers and Harry Potter. I already reserved the tickets, but we only collected Transformers tickets because we were worried about my dad.

After the movie, mum called him and said he's okay so lets watch Harry Potter..and I was like o.O "we did not collect the tickets and now you want to watch Harry Potter???" So we queued up for the 6pm show, (Transformers ended at 6 pm too) and we got 2 tickets to watch...when we entered the hall, we miss the very most beginning of the show! omg, talk about timing. I was pity annoyed because I REALLY REALLY want to know what happened right at the beginning.

It was all good after that, the show isn't so bad lar. Maybe I've gotten immune to the fact that all Harry Potter shows will never be exactly as enticing as the book. But after watching The Half Blood Prince, it made me feel like picking up the 7th book and read what is going to happened! hehehe

I'm thinking of starting to read comics. But gotta find those in English..Can't read mandarin. lolx and BM isn't really fun to read...I would probably be concentrating on the meaning of the words and understanding how the feel of the sentences should be like rather than enjoying the plot of the comic.


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