5 days left until college starts. T_T I'm slightly reluctant. I don't think 3 weeks is enough. But life's got to go on. I'm just hoping I'm able to face all of it again. Mentally and physically. Wow, right now my neighbour is playing the piano..he plays it so well. I have not touch the piano in a very very long time. I like his playing and he is only like what in primary school? Or in form 1..

Nothing major happened during the holidays. Just that I slept a lot..stayed home most of the time. I'm actually just blogging for the sake of updating. Just to show some pictures. haha

I didn't go out much, I went to attend an even at 1 World Hotel. Launching of a new series of Nippon Paint. Quite interesting, better than the one I went in form 2. -_-" But the entertainer, Leonard Tan was really good! haha That was the best part of the show night I think.

The 3 S's
Had a 2-in-1 outing. A reunion and an outing. Which turn out good. =)
Sandra came back from the states. It was nice to see her.

Sau Li

Lin Shan.Jia Von
It was great seeing them cuz I have not seen them for more than a yr!


This holiday was definitely a much needed holiday.
If only it can be longer. hehe
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