17 again


Yesterday, after showing sir my work.. I suddenly felt so exhausted and tired. I really felt like sleeping.

oh yeah, the slide show I did, I didn't even get to present. Four hours trying to understand and searching for pictures just wasted like that=( He couldn't be bothered to see ours because he didn't understand it enough. The whole class was really stunned. Literally like O.O

Luppy and Evonne went up, the question he ask was all about how,what,why,when and where. Gosh~

oh well, at least he really wants us to understand.

After that, we went to Art Shop and then to Wangsa Maju. Finally got my laptop cooler. Wouldn't want my laptop to die so fast..keke Actually after class yesterday we wanted to go Karaoke or watch movie. But then decided not too, everyone like a bit no mood.

Ate our dinner and on the way fetching them back...jeng jeng jeng...decided to go watch movie.

Went back home to put our stuff and off we go to Times Square! hehe Watched 17 Again. I like that show. hehe I love chick lit movies. haha and Zac Efron is so cute!!! I love Matthew Perry too, he is really a funny guy but in the movie, too bad didn't get to see much of him. I was expecting to see him more and he looks really in a bad condition. Puffy eye bags, as though he never slept. hmmmm

Really tired actually, when I came home, settled down and I straight away sleep till morning.

I never had such a good sleep in such a long time!!! *tears of joy!* and usually I wake up like 3/4 times in one night. I think this time I only woke up once! I'm so happy! hahaha to be able to sleep right through. =)