I sort of manage to finish my model and we only did our idea development in class. o_O super last minute.

Spent many hours on the model, but it's quite interesting. You can see how it is built up from flat plain boards..plane, into 3D. awesome!

Still have to do correction and research more. A lot of people are doing water element. I didn't what "idea" to choose. Initially I want my bookshop to be adventurous. I wonder if I can incorporate what is water about together with adventure. Use water to create adventure. It's already the 3rd week! It's going way too fast! another 3 weeks then it is our mid-term!

After class, accompanied Evonne and Annie to get their hair trimmed. After that the four of us [Annie,Evonne,Me and Ken] went to have our dinner at Feeling Cafe. Then we played the card game that Sin Ying taught us in Perhentian. Super exciting! The most tiring thing was, we spent half an hour trying to persuade the gorilla to watch movie with us. CAN YOU IMAGINE??? I've never tried persuading someone to go watch movie with us like that before. @.@

We watch Terminator! I'm not a fan of the Terminator, even the last few sequels, I don't really remember or pay attention to them. But this show, is really good to watch. haha Exciting gilerrr.

=) can't wait for 17 Again. Want to watch it~