If only people don't sleep

I don't know why, I just love this picture. Took this while having our dinner, before heading back to KL from Kuala Besut. I feel like it exudes some sort of calmness and serenity. heh. =)

Spent 4 hours on a slideshow? o_O omg. We had to do a small homework for tomorrow. Search for images that shows UNITY,EMPHASIS and HARMONY. He thinks we are not strong in our understanding of design principle. So yeah, back to foundation again. sigh..

So it took me 4 hours to complete it. It's considered a small exercise. Hopefully I have enough energy for later. Got loads more work to do. So frustrated yesterday cuz I was just stuck. I couldn't do anything, I just hope later I won't face the same problem. I really want to get this right. I hope I can achieve what I want to achieve.

I have to re-draw some of my Pre-Tech work. Sigh, expected lar. That week I was a wreck so I am prepared to accept the outcome. I didn't put much effort in it also. heh. Today's Pre-Tech work @.@ I might have to re draw again. Shit. It's like why didn't I arrange it properly. The whole thing looks wrong. BLEGH!

MID SEM CRITIQUE session is this friday. I'm a little nervous~ plus, we have not even done half of what we have to show.

We have to show our model, furniture layout plan, 3D and sectional elevation. YAY US! -_-"

Don't get me wrong, I like what we're doing. I'm kinda liking it now. =) Just a tad worried about my time management. Since I'm also weak in my sketching which makes things a lot slower. =(

He's going to give us SKETCHING HOMEWORK during our holidays??? I'm glad for it because I really want to improve my sketching but but but.... IT's our holidays! T_T my couch potato'ness will definitely kick in!

aiks. Got to go now.

bye! <3
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