I got kicked out of my home...

Thats why I didn't go back this weekend.

NOT! lolx. Can't imagine if I really got kicked out of my own home. That only happened once though...Very long time ago when the ayam bertelur.

Decided to stay back this weekend. I miss home banyak banyak. Sigh, Why didn't I go home? because if I go home, I also won't be able to do my homework. I would be busy sleeping and watching tv. Plus I need to redraw my axonometric drawing. Serves me right, who ask me don't want to measure properly first before continue drawing. So I redraw that today.

I took so long just to finish that drawing.. damn..at least it's quite done.

my work i did today. =)

not very clear thought.

Sher, Wai Hung, Chee Yuen and Sau Li came and visit me yesterday. Visit me konon.. lolx. Too bad they couldn't stay longer. I miss their company. After they left, I slept for awhile then I went to Jusco to do some grocery shopping.

I'm so happy I finally got a plate, some spoon and a cup!!!! FINALLY...I can make milo now! kekeke YAY! I love my cup and plate. Simple, no design and the colour also make my drink and food look appetising. muahaha. Bought some snacks which I totally finished it up already. =P should have bought fruits instead. Also bought clothes detergent...have to wash clothes! I had trouble choosing the one I want until I had to call mummy. =(

But gave it a try...

Honestly, feels damn weird to go shopping alone. I take twice or thrice as long to decide what I want to buy or whether I should buy it or not. Since there isn't anyone to accompany me to have dinner, I went and bought sushi from Jusco. Suppose to save money but go and splurge on Jusco sushi..GREATTTT

BTW, when I wanted to pay for my cup..the cashierr damn slow! omg..I could have walked the whole area and she wouldn't be done yet.

I had trouble choosing my face wash also. =( The one that I usually buy, could not be found so I thought I try something new..The lady who was promoting Neutrogena tried to push the product to me but yeah..whatever. Not interested in that brand. =P

saw a pretty view today. not a very good pic but just enjoy the colours.

I can't imagine if I have to go overseas next time. Being independant is tough.

oh! first time did my laundry in this condo. Manual washing machine lagi. Don't play play. haha Lucky small load, if not I will really go crazy.

bye! =)