Hot Sial

Home Sweet Home =)

I totally slept last night, don't know why I was so sleepy! Woke up, continued drawing but still not finish yet. I'll finish it tomorrow when I get back. ^^

I have craving for desserts now. All types of desserts..cakes..creams.. @.@ omg. The weather is so hot now! After lunch I came back here and I slept. Slept for 2 hours.. syiok!

Now I'm watching Transformers for the 5th or 6th time. haha Later I'm going to work on my bookstore model. I should say I'm going to have fun with my model. Explore with it. Mid-Critique session is this coming Friday. Walau..really don't know what to expect cuz this is our first!

Parents went to Muar this morning. Was suppose to join them but I had to atleast try to finish my Pre-Tech first and I was way too sleepy. So =( next time lar, hopefully. Want to go out tonight, but see how first lar.

Btw, my model got totally destroyed by 3 FRAME magazines and an A3 file. @.@ At least it's not the WHOLE model, just like one side of the wall. But still, when it happened, I was so so shock I was speechless, so shock that I didn't feel anything. Oh well, I'm going to make changes to it anyway. lol

27 Dresses is showing on HBO tomorrow!!! but it's airing at 10pm! T_T to late already. Oh well, there's a repeat on the following Saturday.

Weather so hot sial! I want an ice cold drink please. I wish I was at Perhentian, sun bathing, snorkelling, diving. Most of them aren't locals, those instructors, they are from a city who decided take a chance with their life and do what they love to do. They love the ocean and hated the day to day life in front of the computer. =P

haha thats what I gather/felt when they told us. Whether or not that is the real case, we won't know.

Right now, everyday is a healing process. It's hard to say when are it's ups or downs, it's the unpredictability of it that catches me off guard and might just turn my day upside down. But I'm getting there. I just have to stand on my own ground and go at my own pace.

Spent enough time here. BACK TO TRANSFORMERS!


oh! before I forget...

hope you're having fun in Langkawi. haha

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