Heal the world, make it a better place (sing)

Just heard that Micheal Jackson had passed away on the radio yesterday. Shocking! Evonne and I thought they were joking. I forgotten how much I used to enjoy Micheal Jackson songs. After his era has passed I just didn't bother about him.

I remember always opening that cupboard and taking out his album and looking through the pictures. I remembered asking my mum about him and knowing that he is the King of Pop. Always wondering why was he the King of Pop and why Elvis was the King of Rock. Hearing about his death brought back pieces of memories of my childhood. I remember hearing one of his song in kindergarten!

I might buy his album just to remember what songs he used to sing. Farah Fawcett died on the same day. Just now I heard from my mum that someone we knew had passed away too.


History again today. Mr Bear always target me, today I thought I'd sit on the inner part, next to the wall then maybe he won't notice me much. WRONG WRONG WRONG!

He ask me a question and I gave him the correct answer and he said it was wrong and then said it was right. -________-" when my shirt got some white powder from the wall, my friends told me and helped me remove them he called my name again. -__-" and when Jah asked who was our current prime minister and she said the correct answer and I was just giving the "yes! thats correct! " look..he said my name and ask me to keep quiet.. geezzz

We have some of the weirdest people in MIA I think.

One of our lecturer is resigning..Happy? Sad?

I wonder who is going to be our department's latest lecturer? I wonder is that position is jinx..you know just like in Harry Potter. The lecturer for the defence of dark arts always never last. Just like our college now. The last lecturer left cuz of too many complaints which I think is the cause of this one too. hmmmm yeah..maybe it's jinx.

We're hoping it will be some cute lecturer..kekeke.

I'm not going back again this weekend. Need to catch up on work. Next weekend is the most happening weekend!!!

Philharmonic Ochestra!

Archidex exhibition!

Cheer '09!!!

and Jia Von's place also!

ALL ON THE SAME WEEKEND T_T I doubt we can make it...cuz the very next few days is our submission. sigh...

I really really really really want to watch Transformers. No spoilers please. It's going to rain here and I am addicted to pet society again. I don't know why. Nothing interesting about it also. Brain getting more and more boring.

btw...yesterday..was the first time I pretended to be a "prospective" student. haha we went to check out Dasein College. =P pretended that we stayed around the place and that we just finish our SPM. haha!
Their cafe is so syiok. Very nice ambience and the college design is very young and in..but I like our college. It's more homey and has a lot more character! 40 yrs worth of character!!!