Father's Day

I know, haven't been updating much have I? feel so lazy~ hehe

As usual I went back home during my weekend. It was Father's Day. I don't know whether we have gone mellow or we're just becoming adults. Or maybe becoming an adult means becoming mellow? eurgh.

Don't have the festive or excitement to celebrate anything. Everyone just prefers to stay in. Besides, everywhere else is sure to be jam packed with people. No fun~

Didn't do much. Slept at home, as usual but on Sunday morning we went to Kajang to check out this organic cafe. Mum watched the tv program Ah Xian..so go check out.

SO many people...wanted to try the noodle...all sold out.

The place isn't so bad I guess. It's really pricey though...

see~ so many ppl..and this was about 11 something okay...

happy fathers day =)

Overall its okay lar. Nothing much to talk about. Dad says they take this concept from Taiwan..even how they exhibit their products. Very Taiwanese~

I say it's nothing much to talk about because...1st..TOO MANY PPL. Can't enjoy anything.. 2nd, the stuff they made like the salad and the juice ( the only thing we manage to try oh and plus the tong sui) my mum can make it also.


But the highlight of that day was...DURIANS!!! yum yum yummmm..=)

A relative pass some durians from Johore... YES!

So long didn't such good tasting durians...muahahaha ^^

Should I go back this weekend? I'm not sure yet, haven't made up my mind. Submission is coming soon!!!

Scared I can't finish in time.

gonna do work now. BYE! =)

Sorry can't write much or write about anything interesting. I'm feeling tired really.


Thanks for being there for us. Thanks for understanding. Thanks for comforting me when I'm down, thanks for being patient with me when I'm in one of those bad moods moment. Nothing I can do make up for the sacrifices that you made. The only thing I hoped for is when I grow up I can be at least as wise as you. Sorry if I was ever impatient. Sorry if I was every angry at you. Sorry if I was ever not being understanding. Sorry if I have ever hurt you. Thanks for being the pillar in our life . Happy Father's Day.
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