Went to class, don't know why felt scared/panic. Must be six sense because later on Mr Mazlan kinda scolded us. =P

Actually didn't feel so good yesterday and this morning but after that it got okay. hehehe...

After makan lunch suppose to do work but only place left was the sem 6 area which is kinda stressful. Imagine doing your own sem 3 work in the midst of all the sem 6. All eyes are on you..jeng jeng jeng. *dramatic*

We went to Jusco after that. No mood to do work.

Go buy groceries again, I spent money again. End of may and beginning of this month manage to but now seemed to spend a lot. sigh. must really save $$~~~~

I bought this! cute right? heheheh BUT! it's not because it's cute that is why I bought it...

  1. because of the design..authentic looking? haha nolar..i like the old fashion design of clock..I remember last time my family has this HUGE garfield clock like that and it could wake up the whole house. =P
  2. it is LOUD! seriously. I have trouble waking up in the morning. Believe me.. handphone doesn't work. I just keep hitting the snooze button or I would just off the alarm.

Bought this also. I tried the vanilla flavoured..it taste alright but I prefer this! smells like apple pie from MCD but then again, I have not had the apple pie from MCD in ages so I don't really remember what it smells like.

oh! just now so embarrassing, my bag, hit something and the whole box of displayed hair bands fell!!!

So embarrassing =( I kept apologising and helping them pick up the hairbands. The worker's face so black and moody..she didn't even answer me when I said sorry!!! I think the manager was there also..I didn't see his face but Annie said his face looked moody also. T_T I didn't mean too..at least I helped picked up the hair bands right??? aiks.

Annie also almost knocked down something. The picture frame..but luckily it didn't fall if not..even worse than mine. =P
Bad circulation. that place needs to study more on it's human factor. lol!

Random update. =)

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