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Tuesday, we went to karaoke, left the house at 11 pm. Sang from 12 till 3 am! First time, next da woke up early and went back to Seri Petaling to get my 2nd injection. It hurts less this time. I wonder why, it is less sore than the first time.

After AutoCad class, went and checked out Spring Field Town Cafe. WOW! the place is so cool and inspiring. It's not "wow!" but the place just gives you a very nice feeling. Its homey yet not like home. The owner is a huge fan of The Simpsons. No joke, the whole place is filled with Simpsons picture..he even has all 19 seasons of the cartoon series. He is an avid traveller..and he travels cheap! like back packing and being a farmer at foreign countries. Can you imagine..he has been to Venice, Cape

There is this small area where he keep all the books. Nice books, there is a tv area..the kitchen is like an open concept, you can see what is happening. The food there is quite good,not much's really new, like 3 months old. The aussie beef burger is really good! yumm..hehe

Going to that places makes me feel passionate for the things I love to do. Like Evonne loves music and the piano...for me, well I can't really pin point out what I'm passionate about. I know I love to read, I love what I'm studying now. I am passionate about art I think. I would love to be that, I would love to love every single thing that we do in ID. I would also love to read every book available. muahahaha

Would definitely go back there again. ^^ oh yea..the place is located at 13a-1 Jalan Metro Wangsa, Seksyen 2,53300 Wangsa Maju =)

Had a surprise today, from our dear lecturer. I'm not scared, but I am disappointed with myself. =(

I know whatever happens is all because of myself. I shouldn't give up, I should try harder. It's hard with the circumstances. I know it may sound as though I am giving excuses, but really, that is not my intention.

I didn't do anything wrong but still it's not up to's not good enough, it's not to what my expectation is. But what I see is, i deserved it, I didn't put in enough effort to get the effect that I wanted.

Sounds so dramatic..but in reality..not that much drama lar.
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