All good things have to always come to an end.

Which is true. I thought everything was going okay, everything seems to feel fine and suddenly today, felt like I lost it all. Come to think of it, kinda makes sense because no way this is going to be easy right? if not, we won't need to pay $$ to learn it.

What he said made sense also..of courselar..he is our lecturer what.

We're just in sem 3. Just learning. I hear this all the time, I tell myself this all the time. It gives a temporary calming effect but today...didn't really work. But after listening to him talk..I guess it is okay?

I'm really not sure. I'm just so fed up with so many things. Debating with myself all the time. It feels like crap. I know I will feel better and I will get better but right now, since I'm not completely "healed" yet, I'm like battling with this everyday so that I won't fall into it ever again. Every day I questioned what I want to do, twice and thrice etc. Debating, arguing, or contemplating. Deciding deciding deciding.

Feel angry sometimes. Why do I feel so sheltered, why didn't I go through any suffering then at least I can face all these better. But I would think again, I'm not angry, just frustrated. If I suffer now, in the future I would be better. Same concept just different timing.

ISHHH... what the hell am I being so emo for?!?!?!

*shaking it off!* why emo when I could find ways to be happy. ISHHH...I've got that bad habit of emo'ing. I'm actually stuck in my work now. STUCK STUCK STUCK..

I shall convince myself that I WON'T BE STUCK ANYMORE! Gonna sing my heart out later.Sing the discomfort away. hehe Came back, I slept..but I woke up feeling weak and crappy.

Okay. I'm done complaining! POOF! see gone already...*smokes lingering* hahaha..lame lame lame.

Someone broke into Leong's car just now. So scary. Nobody knew or saw anything. The lady from the register came into our class and ask for Leong saying someone broke into his car.

They took the roadtax =( so dangerous. They say they steal roadtax to do robbery and when police track will lead it back to the owner of the roadtax. So scary...

Hope everything goes well ler. Poor fella, just fixed his power window and then kena smashed pulak. Dangerous. Can hardly imagine that MIA's area is so dangerous. ishh

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