*wiping the dust of the blog*
*cough* *cough*

aiyorr..so dusty...hehe so long time didn't update. So many things to update about...My redang+perhentian trip with some of my college mates..

I'll put in hold for that.

I still can't get used to my hair style =( sometimes I think it looks cute...but when I take pictures.. omg it's absolutely weirdd...MUSHROOM HEAD. LOL! and college starts tomorrow!!!! goshh...

Something random : Everytime i see a rainbow...it doesn't bring me luck...pfft! not fair.. I saw a beautiful rainbow just now. T_T

My arm really hurts..it feels sore. I had my first injection on sat. To prevent cervical cancer..Kanasai! I wish the doctor didn't tell me what size was the needle. But he was quick about it so it wasn't so bad. It was the after effect that is bad...my arm was soooo sore that I couldn't even lift my arm. I want to tukar baju was like super painful! luckily I just recovered from my sunburnt on my arms.

My arms are still sore..

It's the month of may!!! As usual..it's my favourite month. hehe cuz my birthday is in it.. =P

on the way back to frm Perhentian, my housemate msg me saying that they wanna surprise Evonne...so I agreed!

I'll post up pictures in the next post! me wanna spend some quality time with myself now! =P

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