To rise up from a fall, how does one do that? When others are deprived from the support that is needed most, they can still rise up and face life. If they can do it then I should be able to do it too. I must learn to be happy. To make myself happy. That is what matters the most.

Just came back from KLCC~ watched Night in the Museum 2.

Almost didn't want to go, cuz tired and didn't really have the mood. But in the end I went, glad I did though cuz the show is seriously hilarious. I really like the movie. I think got some important values that could be learnt and practice.

I just read my friend's blog...omg what he did to ask a girl to be his girlfriend is wayyy too sweet. You know, the type you see in movies??!?! I never thought that this kinda thing would happened.. So touching. I'm really a sucker for all these romantic stuff.... haha.

I actually had a pretty crappy day, as you can see from my previous post. Right now I'm feeling a lot better but I really don't know how it will be tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I'm feeling this way because I'm "drunk". As in, its already 3 am and I'm still awake. I'm like in between realms now, my level of consciousness is really low.

I really better get some sleep. Have to go jogging in a few hours time. I'm so asking for trouble!
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