off with her bangs!

went to see sem 6 presentation yesterday. it was alright~ errr not as impressive as we thought? maybe we hoped a little too much. it wasn't so bad. hehe

after presentation/having tea with Mazlan, Luppy left for Jusco and i left to hell to get my hair cut. -_-"

the hair stylist that i wanted wasn't i just thought i'd give another stylist a try. SO! me, being curious,eager to try and basically ITCHY thought i'd ask for something a wee bit different. I thought I try a FRINGE.

I got bangs....

Freaking bangs...

It's a little too short...I have to wait till it grows a little longer then I think it will look better..*I REALLY HOPE IT WILL LOOK BETTER!!! pls oh pls oh pls!*

so far, to all the people i've showed, i've got mixed reactions.. but majority are SHOCKED! like O_O shocked~

i should feel happy that i gave it a try. AT LEAST I TRIED.

yeapp that is what i keep telling myself. sometimes it doesn't look so bad..sometimes i just don't know what to do with it. process of getting used to it.

i'm so used to getting my hair cut short already...i'm starting to wonder if i will ever get my hair longer than my shoulders?

be prepared for the next post! full of vanity i think.

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