Mummy's Day

Mother's Day~~

they all say it's the time to shower your mum with love and care. Flowers,chocolates etc etc..

shouldn't everyday be mother's day and father's day? showering them with love and care everyday. hehehe

there's children's teenager's day?no adolescents day? =(

oh well..everyday is a fun day for us anyway. haha

Went out with mum today...went to IOI mall, just to walk around,shop,watch movie. Something like a girls day out. =P mum didn't shop much whereas me on the other a lot. I think I'm all set for semester 3? hahaha mum's gonna kill me if I buy another T-shirt. No more T-shirts says her.

It's good to spend time with her. Ever since I started college last year I didn't properly get to spend time with her. Even last year I always decline any offers to go out. So yeah, it was GOOD =P haha I love my mum. =)

Just as we were chatting I told her something. Something about being sabotaged when I was in secondary school. She was actually really's part of my past which I couldn't let go. No matter how hard I try or don't try, it always affect. Things like this don't go away so easily. I told her, the only way I could let go is that if someone just knocked me unconscious and when I wake up with no memory of my past. lol!

We watched The Sniper. Not bad lar that movie. Shoot here, shoot's not bad but it's not great either. Edison Chen acted in that movie...*if I'm not wrong* is he suppose to act? I thought he was out of the entertainment limelight? o.O"

Didn't take any pictures. Don't know if I will take any pictures later...will see how. See the mood!

I was planning to post my hair cut picture tomorrow, just before I leave for my trip to the beach. But there's a scheduled outage something something...haha so I guess I'll publish it now.

this was right after the getting out of the hair saloon and quickly into the car...

seriously, china doll like? -_-" little kid. It's a little better now. Now this is the shortest I have ever cut! Even just now buying tickets, the guy asked me if I was 18??! whattt I'm turning 19 lar..almost going to be 20 already and he is asking if I have already turn 18 years old. Good thing I suppose...lolx!

seen it already? happy? good...

okay, now focus on this..don't keep scrolling back up to my hair. I know some of you will because of disbelief. Cuz I would to if I were some of you. lol

Baked butter cake. I did everything right, even I didn't baked it full time it still turned out a little dry. hmmm...first time try at butter cake though. Even though last time the brownie failed as a brownie but succeeded as a butter cake. hehe

I think I'm better at cookies..

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