I think my eye power is increasing. =( I hoped not though. I don't want to permanently wear spectacles!

I'm alone at home now, doing my work. Not really feeling well, feel like vomiting. Evonne's not back yet..lolx so here I am at home. I wish I have some kaki's to hang out around here. But now can't go out. Got work to do!

My eyes are swollen right now. Had a breakdown...just these emotions build up inside me and I was unable to express them out. Feeling a lot better now after finally talking it out. After effect? My eyes feeling damn tired! I feel like sleeping but I don't want to. Feeling homesick at the moment. I want to meet up with secondary school friends.

It may not be all good memories last time...with all the feelings I felt. But there were good times. I miss those good times.

feeling extremely nostalgic. Raging hormones,workload,stress,homesick...the combination of all these plus a little bit more is pretty much A VERY SAD CASE.

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