Cookie Monster

I'm so tired. Pretty much spent the whole day baking cookies..still a lot of ingredients left though =(

feeling a lot better. I don't know..didn't talk to anyone about it. I didn't start any conversation, I could be downstairs but I chose to "lock" myself up in the room. Let the radio,books and Internet be my company.

can you see how depressing that looks and sound?


I don't know how to "act" normal. -_-"

still in a chubby state. don't like it one bit. Just reopened my neopets account. omg. it's taking forever to load and I've lost my touch. Don't know how to navigate through it anymore.

went out to buy some baking materials and it's so weird going out with my hair like that. Really self conscious..
baking is really tiring. Especially when you are not used to it. lolx.

Don't know what to do with it.

I am going to Redang on Monday..I really want to feel excited~ but I don't have any feelings about it. I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

contemplating whether to bring cap and hat.. should I go back to grab some of my stuff? I left my sunblock. Don't really want to buy a new some $$

gosh..Neopet is still loading. O_O

should I go down? I'm glad I'm feeling tired =)

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