Work is starting to pile up like CRAZIIEEEE. seriously! Every night I come back feeling really tired and I end up sleeping early. I really dislike that habit. I know it's normal to sleep when you are tired, and I love sleep. I'm worried that I'm really behind my work. sigh.

Suppose to go for a dinner and a movie today, but now...I made myself choose only 1. Dinner. At least got a dinner lar.

Bloody hell, yesterday go yumcha with friends. OMG they have so many ghost stories/experiences. I was actually kinda scared to drive back home even though Evonne was next to me. Scary shit man, I thought I was gonna see "someone" sitting behind and I could only see it through my rear view mirror. @.@

Came back, dropped dead on the bed again, second time.


I just realised, I actually been blogging for 2 years already. Wow..haha I feel proud of it. Manage to last for 2 years. =P

I miss having a pet tortoise. I want to get one and put in my room... like a companion. hehe plus they are cute!

Oh yeah, the other day, I read in the newspaper about this kid who got abused by his own mum. That was really sick. It is very painful to see someone who is connected to each other with flesh and blood do such thing. Moreover, the child could say he love his mum and he doesn't know why she beats him. The child might be able to take it now, but what about later in the future? Even though he was rescued early before the matter got even worse but what about the emotional trauma the child has went through? I only hope the trauma and pain inflicted upon him won't affect him terribly when he grows up. Or maybe he could completely heal from it.

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