blow out the candles.


So sorry for not updating. Been kinda busy and lazy to blog. Lost the blogging mojo for a bit.

For me, it's been a very emotional week. At first I was upset and emotional, maybe due to raging hormones and homesickness. To be honest I didn't know how tough it is to stay out. The emotional burden and how important is it to be strong emotionally. How important it is to know and understand ourselves.


at first we gave Evonne a surprise Bday. Then on her bday I know we[college friends] gonna give her a bday surprise again. Luppy called me and tell me that I have to distract that girl. So okay lor, then the next day, I got a feeling lar. I accidentally saw the cakes as well..then it was true..they celebrated both our Birthdays. ^^

Thanks for the presents. The cute tortoise ornament, the cake, handphone pouch and a cute pen, earrings...thanks to Annie,Luppy,Ken,Sulee,Jah and Pearl. hehe

played with the cream of the cake...which Luppy smack them right into my eye. I looked like a clown! I chased him around the ID department. Omg back to childlike antics. haha

Also got a very hot birthday card made by Luppy. hehehe

Then the next day, we [Ken,Annie and I] decided to go jogging. Thinking that designers lead a very unhealthy lifestyle therefore an early death, so want to start a healthy lifestyle. Made a deal to meet at 7.30am but those two woke up late. -___-" and I thought I was late. lol should have bet lar..!

Went 2 rounds, which I think nearly killed us. =P After jogging everyone felt like POOPing. haha Good for excretion. Went to have breakfast then to college. REALLY EMBARRASING AT FIRST! we dressed "sports wear" my hair was a disaster..aiks.

Then went back home.

Next day I couldn't walk. My shins ached like mad.

This year I only get to celebrate my birthday with my parents. My brothers weren't free. I was a bit sad about it actually. Cuz long time didn't celebrate a birthday with the whole family. I missed the times when they talk about the funny past.

my parents decided to take me somewhere nice. Ended up with Victoria Station. First time eating there. So long since I've been to a restaurant like Victoria Station. Felt good to be with parents. I felt sad that dinner has to end because it meant I have to go home and drive back to PV5. Sometimes I don't realise how much I missed my family.

My housemates celebrated my birthday with me too. To be honest this was really unexpected! A real surprise.. I told Evonne that I want to go and sleep already and she was like " you sure you don't want to do homework???"

a bunch of other stuff to distract me like pretending there was a cockraoch...and the funniest one was when Evonne went with me to my room and suddenly talk about where to put the picture. Which was really weird cuz I had no idea what was she talking about. When her sis off my room light I was still blur cuz:

1. I don't know why they off my light.

2. I was still thinking about what Evonne said about pictures. -___-

Really have to thank them so much for the cake and the very huggable puppy plush toy.. ^^

omg, such a long post. 4 days worth of writing.

I'm officially 19 yrs old! omg Next year I'm going to be 20! Mature? I still think I act like a kid. I already have the hair style to match it anyway. haha

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