Beginning of Sem 3

Came back last night! Gave Evonne her surprise early birthday! hehe and today went to college. First day of Semester 3! *gasp* we were late. -_-"

Enjoy the picture. Ignore the mushroom'ness of my head. =P

pretending to cry~

oh well..luckily got no class. But damn! our timetable really sucks.

Again we have 6 days of college! Wednesdays, our class are like from 6 in the evening until 9.30 at night!!! omg~ Nevermind, I still can accept that but, on sat, class starts from afternoon until 6 something in the evening!!!T_T
I want to go home. I have 7 subjects this semester..extra 1, it's good but damn it's way too hectic.

Help our lecturer a bit before going to Sungei Wang to have our last day of fun! Karaoke~~Tomorrow going to usher guest around a little bit. Hopefully it will turn out okay. Don't want to regret any decisions! I think it should be okay, gain new experience. Dealing with people.

After updating I will go take my showerr!! I feel so lazy to upload pictures into Facebook.

What a crazy great day! Laugh so much. My hair was much acceptable today. But seriously, I went a little bit to far with my mission to have a young look. I think I just went past young and straight away head for kids. -_-" haha plus with what I wore today. OMG! haha deprived childhood. Now getting back all the childlike fun. =P kidding!

Class officially starts tomorrow. I don't have the mood for it yet.
Still have the perhentian and redang post to update...Hopefully I have the chance to atleast share the pictures with you all. hehe
tired mood/mojo to write.
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