All about me. Seriously~


This post is loaded with SELF VANITY!
prepare yourself for a post loaded with vanity!
you have be warned! don't say I didn't warned you..
one of the only chance where I get to post pictures of nothing else but me. =P haha

This is somewhat my evolution from year 2006 until now~ pretty drastic changes from time to time.


16 yrs old. I think I look really mature. Looks like my age now but I was actually 16. Terrified of getting a short hair~ I seriously dislike going to saloons because I always end up with something dreadful.


My first short hair since god knows when. It was actually shorter than the picture shown when I got it cut. But it looked something like that. Use your imagination. I don't know why I cut it like that. Mum said tried something new beginning cause I just started form 5. It's like beginning of the new year bla bla bla..hahaha


throughout 2007 I didn't maintain a very long hair so getting this hair cut wasn't so much of a big deal. But it was definitely a new style

same year. When I first started in MIA. lol. sloppy looking =P

After that I cut my hair into this.

End of 2008~ hehe ignore the extra ears. I actually really like this hairstyle. light, fun, layered. This was the first time I went to get a hair cut by myself and telling them what I want. hehehe


Then my hair keep growing longer and longer. I didn't bother going for a trim because I wanted to keep it long. But the longer it got, it looked kinda bad. No shape etc etc..and it started to annoy me. Itchy hands I had those highlights, left like 2 inches at the end of my hair..wanted to get it chop off!

so I chopped of my hair to this! my fave so far..kinda shocking. I CUT OFF A LOT OF HAIR. i think about 1 foot long?

so it grew longer...and starting to loose its shape. and I decided to get it trimmed and ended up with this..

I'm not prepared to show you guys how I look yet! hehe forgive me. Some of my friends have seen it. lets just say I really look like a kid. China doll like? [-__-" ]I don't know..

Anyone got magic hair growth potion? I just need it to grow a wee bit longer in this short period of time. hahaha just joking. I don't hate it..just that this one seem to take longer time for me to get used to it.

Today it looks more acceptable than yesterday. Still poofy in the fringe. least i can say i've tried a number of hair styles. one thing i still dare not try is the super short boy cut. =( I'm not that brave or daring~~~