7.30 pm

what happens when you have too much time right at that moment.

for me, i start to think a little too much and dream a little too much...when i think too much, my thoughts start to wander...

because of that, a deep rush of emotions just flood by with all the things that i did, all the things i could have done or shouldn't have done.

hence, the blogging.

I feel bad and distant. But that shouldn't be the way should it? from now onwards, I'm going to try to be stronger. I shouldn't feel bad... of course there are things that I shouldn't have done. I should have thought better. But who hasn't been through that stage.

ah well..sometimes nobody gives a shit about all these. Once in awhile you get emotional and people try to be understanding but if it keeps going on...seriously, won't you get tired?

Even me, the person who is most of the time emotional, writing emotional post...gets tired of writing all these. it's too long winded. All these energy should be directed into a new direction that would bring a better outcome!


suddenly surge of positivity! =P

my first week of holiday is almost over..boo! I just read from my friend's blog, that she went clubbing. o.O! cool! haha bring me! I want to try to. At least to see what is it about.

I'm about done with my "lepaking" at home. If I don't start doing something it's going to be permanent for the rest of my 3 weeks! I've been sleeping early...waking up early...using Facebook as though it's the only thing left in my life. haha totally into pet society and Facebook's quizzes. The questions are oh so alluring!

Went out with my mum yesterday! It's been a very very long time since I done that. haha. messed up day..kept going the wrong turns. I was really blur at the beginning and sometimes what I do, makes people want to kill me. But please don't ^ ^hehe. bought a lot of books that hopefully would help me.

oh! to my friends who have the Basheer vouchers, although they say it expires in April, the guy in Borders, The Gardens say that it could still be used! so don't throw it away!

We're all going to sem 3. =) Looking back at all the photos we took from sem 1 to sem 2. OMG how much we have changed! it's hilarious. By the time in sem 6...we could make a whole movie i think! haha

Anyone want to go out and watch movies?! I really need to catch up on movies.