1 week has passed~ left 2 more weeks of our precious semester break. =P

Went to Mid Valley with Emily on sat, so long time didn't berbonding already. Hope I didn't get her into any trouble or anything. Well before going there we went and see my parents and we saw Vince Chong!

you all know who is he right? Right???

haha thats good if you do but if you don't...he is our local artist. He is a singer~ Yeah well, mum said he recognised me..cool! haha So off we went to Mid Valley, my second trip to Mid Valley in 1 week. Fine by me cuz it's been A LONG LONG time since I went to MV. hehe miss that place.

At first we went to buy tickets...and guess who was right in front of us queueing up to buy tickets at The Signature?!?!?!?!


omg omg omg omg...I was like crazy already...Emily was still sane. haha. We both were awestruck? oh man..I was already preparing myself to say "hi, are u Harith Iskandar?" and maybe ask is he would take a pic with me and Emily....but as he turn...I just got stunned and couldn't open my mouth! damn!

omg wenn...why couldn't you just open your mouth and say hi?! after buying tickets we saw him ordering food at the Food Garden just right next to Borders. I know I sound like a stalker now. haha I'm not crazy over him. His gf/wife/partner(?) looks hot~

Anyway, we bought tickets for He's Just Not That Into You..chick lit. Not bad though the movie..Nothing heavy just light and enjoyable. Someone was right, by the end of this movie EVERYBODY would want a Ben Affleck! I think all girls could almost relate to the movie, in some way or another.

It was a good outing. I missed times like that. =(

Next day, me,mum and dad went to Malacca. I got to drive! =P haha first time driving my mum's car! It was a little scary, I never driven any other car other than my car...so yeah...but in the end it's true. Whats the big deal? * long story *

I drove there and around, for 5 hours. I was really in a bad mood already...hahaha I banged my head on a wood..not intentionally but it was over my head and I didn't see it. -_-"

I always wanted to explore Jonker Street but this is my second time wanting to do so and not able to do it! =( I know I'll take a long time and my parents probably wouldn't want to wait as long. The weather was hot..so got to like just push it aside.

maybe one day me and my friends would wanna take a short trip and drive to Malacca~
*hint* *hint* (any of my classmates reading this?? hehehe)

and here I am right now...My face condition worsened because of semester 2. I'm on a mission to get it recovered! today, I've been doing mask the whole day. =P I think I did 3 types already? haha I FEEL GOOD! going to wash my car later. It needs some serious Tender Loving Care!

sorry~ no pictures to share yet.

<3 toodles!