The worst is over. hehe

Yerr..I want to start reading newspaper. But every time I want to buy, it's already 9 pm and the sundry shop downstairs closed already. Argh...I don't like reading newspaper from the net cuz not syiok at all. Don't have the same feel!
Like too robotic!

one of my perspective. my favourite. You should see how some of them render their perspective! OMG! so freaking nice okay. Seeing their work only makes me want to work harder! I cannot give up!

Presentation is over already! I'm so happy. But I'm kinda disappointed too. I felt like I could have presented better and talked more on my design. But I panicked..which really sucked. I will think positive. There is always room for improvement.

This was last night. Let you guys get a glimpse of my room in my second home. hehe ignore the mess. Nice right my room? haha better say yes!

Actually before the presentation I had one of those "panic attacks" again. I felt like, omg, why am I not meticulous enough, what if I am not suitable for ID. I felt like calling my mum. But I didn't. I should learn to accept and embrace. Calling my mum won't do much either, I still have to go through it.

our bapa ayam,mummy and the three daughters!

During presentation...haihs..I missed out a lot of the things that I wanted to say. Oh well. I just want to focus and improve. Sem 3 cannot be like this anymore. Must learn to calm down and JUST DO IT!

just try to sell your product only ma...whats so hard?! ONE OF MY GREATEST ENEMY IS MY NERVES...

But YAY! I want to go karaoke SO BADLY! omg..I want to watch MOVIES!!! The Sunday got Barbecue...hehe I'm so happy =)

we actually looked so much better compared to our mid semester. At least we looked a lot better looking and more refreshed! not so zombie liked. lol

Then hor..this whole week got exam..Better study hard. Since it's the finals already.

Do any of you realised the weather these few days is extremely HOT?! Seriously schizophrenic! Just now when I came back from college, I slept for like 2 hours plus and I woke up sweating! =( my shirt was soaking wet.

I can't enter MSN and Pet society. T_T

haihs okaylar, while waiting for my pictures to upload I better do some studying.


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