What is a broken heart?

What is the pain that we feel? Physical pain is different from the emotional pain that we go through. Sometimes people want to feel the or make themselves endure the physical pain just so to cover up or atleast take their mind of the emotional pain at that moment. I went through that stage before.

No, I didn't hurt myself but I did thought of it before.

To feel like you are surrounded by dark clouds, hard to breathe, trying to find the light or a path to a brighter place where things doesn't seem so bad. That was my lowest, wanting to feel the most unbearable physical pain that could be inflicted upon me. But I got over it...

Today, I decided to get over it, it wasn't me who started it anyway... and people around me think that I started it.

I can get over this. This is not the first time and it won't be the last.

it's time to focus on making myself happy. ;D
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