welcome my dear...


Today is our last day of Semester 2! hehe.

FINALLY! Exams over! I get to go home!!! Must really appreciate these upcoming 3 weeks before it's gone!

kns man, yesterday went online for tad too long. After dinner only started studying for Environmental Studies. Which was about 7 0r 8 something? Cannot finish studying. I slept then I woke up about like 5 something to continue studying. Slept and woke up like a few times. During exam was like...okay I guess. Just write what ever I could remember or know or what ever that is logic~ hehe.

oh, I just realised my nails are superr long. Can't wait to cut them! =)

Went to Jusco to buy stuff for our barbecue! Hope it'll be a blast tomorrow..hehe I also bought books. Something to help me improve my mandarin!

have to start saving money luu...haihs..the power of control!


Holidays,fun,rest,sem 3 here I come!
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