triple posting.

omg I'm triple posting.

That has not happened in a long long longgggg time.

I already had my dinner but the food didn't really taste good. Now I feel like snacking. lol. not good not good. my room feels cozy, I feel like sleeping. I'm worried my skin might be allergic to something cuz it feels hot and it's burning a little. Especially around the eyes. My eyes are tearing up too not because of the burn...but it just feels dry.

mum said my face worsen already. =( I know I know...

now can slowly start taking care of it again. =)

I am now blog hopping. I have not done that in a very long time too. At most what I get to do is go through the blogs that I follow or at least update myself with my friends blog.

One of my hobby is to blog hope. So interesting to see how others blog. I don't save their URL's though..

I finally bought that Aya Kato book. kekeke. I just flipped through half the book. But through out that first half I'm actually not done with it yet. It's so colourful.


I better stop blogging for now. It shows how alone I am right now. lol.
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