Ever since Hannibal I swore I won't watch any horror, scary movies and scares the living life out of me. Successful until year 2009.

No joke, I watched Hannibal when I was in Primary 6! from 12 to 18 years old I always never watch all these freakingly horror movies. lolx. Except for Perfume, the tale of a murderer..That was okay for me.

Then this year, when I stayed with Evonne and Annie came over, we watched House of Wax and some Thailand ghost movie.


bloody scary okay..I can literally feel my hands,feet and body turn into jelly.

Last night, both of us watched the Quarrantine!

OMG~ If it was possible I choose not to sleep. Luckily I wasn't sleeping alone last night. We didn't have the mood to study History. haha got study lar, but really wish everything is over so we can start enjoying. =P

The movie still give me chills.

I need another movie..romance..comedy..action-packed...just to remove those scary images out of my head.

<3 bye!
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